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Meet the Painter Family


We are the Todd Painter family missionaries to Thailand. I and my wife (Tammy) along with my two youngest daughters (Rebekah and Debbie) have been serving on the field in Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand since January 2020 after completing two years of deputation. We are presently enrolled in language school learning the Thai language. 

Our Vision


In Thailand one must realize that their religion is embedded in their daily life. As you walk the streets you see the evidence of it everywhere. It is the very fabric of their society. Their religion doesn’t teach the truths of a Heaven or a Hell, yet as you go soul winning in the streets and talk to the people, most believe in both Heaven and Hell. If you ask them what they would need to do to go to Heaven they will typically tell you that you need to be good. However, they don’t know how much “good” it will take to get them to Heaven.

We believe that the people here are open to the Gospel. They have a need of hope for the future. Everyone needs to have hope. Buddhism has not created that hope for them. We have a desire to continue to reach these people with the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ to help create that hope.

We have a vision to see soul winning New Testament churches planted in order to help reach this needy part of the world. To not only save the soul from Hell but to teach them how to live the Christian life and see the Holy Spirit do a life changing work in them. 

About Thailand


Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. Its official name is the Kingdom of Thailand and it was formerly known as Siam. Thailand has a land border with four countries including Myanmar (formerly Burma), Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Thai is the official language.

Thailand sits in the 10/40 window and has one of the fastest growing populations in all of the world as it is approaching 70 million people. Thailand also has many refugees from the surrounding countries. Thailand is dominated by Buddhism with 95% of the population following that religion. The need in Thailand for the Gospel is very great!  

Thailand has some similarities to America in regard to their being a lot of patriotism surrounding their country by the Thai people. Their flag symbolizes what is called the three pillars. The red on the flag represents the blood of the Thai people. (They say all Thai’s are one blood.) The white on the flag represents Buddhism, most Thai’s consider that to be a part of their national identity. Then the blue/ purple part on the flag speaks of the royal family. The royal family is very important to Thailand. The royal family creates stability and the people love and respect them very much. They consider these three pillars to be the fabric of their country and they guard them very closely.

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