Our Outreach Ministries

The purpose of a church goes far beyond just coming to church and learning from the Word of God. We believe that a church should be active in it's community through it's ministries. Before Christ left this earth He gave the New Testament church a commission to preach the Gospel to the lost regardless of race or background, to baptize those who made a personal decision to trust Christ, and to teach the new converts how to follow the commands of Christ. Every minsitry we have in our church is for the purpose of accomplishing this commision.

Sunday School

Sunday School is the cornerstone of the spiritual education in our church both for the children as well as the adults. Sunday School classes are broken down into grade-level groups who are then taught by teachers who spend time in lesson and class preparation throughout the week. We put an emphases on both making learning fun for the children as well as educational. Our goal through children's Sunday School is to instill within our young folks a joyful desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and what He wants them to do. (Click here for more specific information on Teen Sunday School.)


Our adult Sunday School class is designed to create a slightly different and more personal learning environmnet that the regular services for our adult folks. The more spiritual education we receive the more likely we are to succeed in pleasing our heavenly Father. 

Bus Ministry

We believe that every child should have an opportunity to attend Sunday School even if their parents are not willing or able to go. It is for this reason that we have a pair of church busses that go out every Sunday morning and transport and children, and sometimes adults as well, to church.


If you or anyone in your family would like a ride to church please give us a call at 402-474-4330

Soul Winning

One of the greatest ministries a church can have is a soul winning ministry. It is a good thing to encourage the church members to be a personal witness for Christ, however it is even better to give them a regular oportunity to go corporately as a church to spread the Gospel. We do our door-to-door soul winning on Thursday evenings and we do visitation and soul winning on Saturday mornings.

Gospel Responders

This ministry was born out of the great shortage of essentials during the pandemic of 2020. Our church members would breing their donations to the church which volunteers would then sort and package into care packages. These care packages were then given to our frontline workers who would set up a station and give the care packages to anyone who came along in need of one. Our frontline workers are experienced soul winners and with each care package given away the recipient is given an opportunity to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our frontline responders also offer to pray for any specific needs the folks may have. We have kept this ministry going on past the pandemic and will continue to use this as a means to spread hope in our community by trying to meet both a physical need as well as a spiritual need.  

College and Career Ministry

Pastor Painter meets periodically with our college and career aged single adults. (18yrs to 30 yrs) We provide both activities for fellowship and fun as well as classes that cover some of the specific challenges that young adults face as they are first stepping out into this world we live in. On Sunday's the college and career aged adults join the regualr adult Sunday School class in the aditorium.