Sunday School

Lincoln Baptist Church offers exciting Sunday School classes for all ages including adults. Sunday School starts every Sunday at 9:45am. We as a church truly believe that the Sunday School hour is a crucial hour for the spiritual growth of our people. Our teachers work hard to bring lessons that bring the truth down to the age level of their students so that they can have a more thorough understanding of God's Word. 

Bus Ministry

Here at Lincoln Baptist Church we believe that there should be no one who's spiritual growth is hampered because of their inability to find transportation to church. We provide transportation to people all over town enabling them to be faithful to attend Sunday School and learn the Word of God. 

Soul Winning Outreach

Jesus paired his disciples in twos and sent them out to preach the Gospel. We believe in this model that is laid out in the Bible to be the most effective method of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lincoln Baptist Church engages in soul winning outreach on a weekly basis. Our efforts do not simply end with attempting to bring souls to Jesus, but we continue with a vibrant follow-up program to encourage young converts to attend church, follow the Lord in Baptism, and grow spiritually in their new found life.

Nursing Home Ministry

On a monthly basis our youth group goes to the nursing home to minister to those who are physically unable to attend church at an offsite location. We go into the nursing home and hold a very traditional style service in the chapel provided by the nursing home. Of course, as with every ministry we have, our main goal is to be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.