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4.4.23 Newsletter

Welcome to Pastor's weekly digital newsletter, "Coffee with Pastor". Catch up on things that happened at church last week, and see what's coming up next!

Dear Church,

We had another wonderful weekend here at the Lincoln Baptist Church with four precious souls trusting the Lord as their Saviour and one following the Lord in Baptism. We had a total attendance of 157 last Sunday morning.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to do a Bible Study for some of our Karen folks with Bro. Say Ler translating. This room we used by the nursery will serve as the new classroom for the Karen Sunday School class as well as our new church conference room.

Saturday evening Mrs. Faith had an opportunity to spend some time with a group of single ladies. They met for dinner at Firehouse Subs where they all secured their fancy hats! They had a wonderful time of fellowship.

Upcoming Events

Of course, this Sunday is Easter Sunday and there are quite a lot of things going on this weekend! We have our regular Wednesday Bible Study on Wednesday night, we will be taking the Lord's Supper during the evening service. Thursday Night we have soul-winning at 6:30. Friday we will be having a church work party from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm for all who are able to come out and help us with our "spring cleaning".

On Sunday we have Dr. and Mrs. Larry Brown will be with us. Dr. Brown will be preaching all day on Sunday. After the morning service, we will have our 10,000-piece candy hunt. Also, we will be having a fellowship dinner after the evening service.

Next Monday and Tuesday night we will be having special preaching services with Dr. Brown at 6:30 both nights.

Current Events

Yesterday about 70 students from Lincoln Southeast Highschool staged a walkout protest against LB 574 a bill in the state legislature that would ban so-called "gender-affirming" care to minors under the age of nineteen. The school district gave a slight slap on the wrist attempting to distance themselves from the walkout. They released a statement saying that they did not endorse the staged walk-out. Yet one must ask the question, why are our young people even engaged with such a topic? I have no doubt that the youth of our day would scream back answers of equality, and rights in response to my inquiry, but I will look past the screaming of the misguided youths to the true masterminds of the agenda our children are being taught. There are so many within our school systems who are pawns, not of a political party, for the plot goes much deeper than that. There are many who serve as pawns for the Devil himself.

There has been a progression in our public school system for some time to pervert the mindset of our children. As early as the 1940's there has been a push to take sexual education out of the hands of parents and place it in the classroom. Such maneuvers have put ideas in our children's heads that they should never have at their age. It causes them to be concerned with matters that they should not yet be concerned with. Their knowledge has gotten far ahead of their maturity and has created a landslide of fornication and sin in our country.

The rates of teen parents and single mothers are on the rise. Tired grandparents who have earned the right to retire from providing for children are being forced to raise another generation while the parents of this said generation continues to play the fools of society. We are reaping the fruits of a system that has banned teaching on spiritual matters and replaced it with an invasion of the purity of our children under the guise of health. Sadly, even parents who attempt to opt their children out of such courses will find that the filth of this teaching seeps through the loose lips of fellow students and pierces through the shield of protection that the parents have set. Oh that the teaching of such misguiding material might be replaced with God's sound words of advice, "Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure." (I Timothy 5:22)

The allowance of such a topic as sexual education in our schools has now opened the door for the further perversion of our children's minds as they are taught to accept the twisted perversions of the sodomite community. The toleration of sin is demanded while an intolerance for truth abounds. Those who stand up for God are ostracized, while those who speak out in defense of error are lauded as brave and strong. It has become trendy to stand with the sodomite agenda, yet it will lead to a sad end. "For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter: Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps." (Deuteronomy 32:32-33)

I stand as a proponent of the proposed LB574. I stand against the educators of our society who want to brainwash our children with a sinful agenda. May the Lord continue to extend his mercy to us as a society and give us more time to win souls for Him! The time is short for I believe the Lord is coming soon, and there is still much work to do.

-Pastor Jonathan Painter

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