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Balancing the Home

Trying to keep up with everything in the home can truly be a juggling act. I highly doubt that there is any more difficult things that a family faces than the act of trying to balance all the different aspects of their home along with their responsibilities in the world outside their home. Balancing these can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

The lady of the house is trying to balance sharing quality time with her children, yet trying to keep up with the daily housework at home as well. She is also trying to be a good wife to her husband and spend quality time with him too. On top of all these, she is also trying to maintain a strong spiritual relationship with her Heavenly Father and have a walk with God every day.

The man of the house is trying to balance his job and his family. He wants to spend meaningful time with his wife and children, but he also has to work extra hours to meet the financial needs of the home. On top of this, he too is trying to maintain a good relationship with his Heavenly Father as well.

Attempting to find this balance is hard and stressful, but necessary. The rewards of a balanced home will in the long run well outweigh the difficulties of keeping it balanced. Yet sadly, many couples, mothers, and fathers through up their hands in defeat and surrender their household to unbalanced chaos which in turn stresses the relationships within the household. It is possible for the family to survive in this state of chaos, but it is not possible to thrive. The things left undone, or missed in the unbalanced home will come back to bite in time.

How then is it possible to keep a balanced house? How can a mother balance the welfare of her children, husband, and spirituality? How can a father balance his job and family and still have a strong relationship with God? The answer is truly simple. We must be organized. The term organized has undoubtedly already turned some readers away. It goes against our natural grain as human beans to submit ourselves to the rules of organized living. Yet if we can bring our body under subjection to be organized and maintain said organization we will find the benefits well rewarding and the peace of a balanced house.

God is a big fan of organization. “Let all things be done decently and in order.” (I Corinthians 14:40) When God created the earth I guarantee you that He had a plan. He had a vision of what the end product of earth would be. He did not wake up each of the six days and randomly decide what He would create today, but rather the six days were simply six steps in the process of creating what He had already planned to make.

Even so, we will find that it is easier to bring balance to our home when we also have a clear vision of what balance in the home looks like and then create a process by which we can attain that balance. We will have other articles come out that will break down in greater detail how to create such processes that can bring order to our homes.

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