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Balancing with Principles

Principles are the general truths that are the basis of our actions. When we have good strong principles we will have good strong behavior. True balance in the home is established when strong biblical, and moral principles are established. This same balance is maintained with the adherence to these said principles. When we build our home on sound principles from the Word of God we are building our home on a rock with the stability to withstand many a storm. “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” (Mark 7:25) Several things need to happen to experience the beautiful balance maintained by principles.


The husband of the home should perform the task of establishing principles because He is the leader of the wife and children. However, he should have a basis for his principles. If the man of the house just starts making up principles with no backing then he will lose credibility with his wife, to begin with, and eventually his children as they grow older. Yet, when he makes a sincere study of the Word of God and uses the Scriptures as the basis of principles, he will have a higher Authority behind the principles he establishes for his family.


This is much easier done if the principles have been established on the Word of God. Agreeance must begin with the husband and wife. If the husband and wife fail to agree on principles then the discrepancy will flow down to the children. When there is a lack of agreeance all around then chaos will reign instead of balance in the home. When principles are founded on God’s Word then the Scriptures become the common denominator that should bind the agreeance of all who believe in the Scriptures. This brings balance and stability to the home.


Listing our principles is often the easy part. Exercising them is often a great deal harder. Yet it is the practice of the principles that bring them into a true establishment. Spoken principles without accompanying action are little more than a wish and a dream. If we will set principles we must strive to follow them and lead our households to keep them as well. If we fail in this then balance will not be maintained in the home.

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