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Are you dateable? What is it that determines whether or not you are of serious consideration for someone to date? The world has been teaching our young men that if a girl is pretty, she is dateable. Our young ladies are taught that if a man is charming that he is dateable. The world puts a focus on the surface traits of an individual to show whether or not they are dateable. While the surface traits are an important part of deciding whether someone is dateable they should not be the only factor considered. There are traits found deeper in the heart of the person that should serve as good indicators of the caliber of a potential date.

The surface traits of beauty or charm are indeed important. However, when the focus rests solely on these surface traits it creates pressure that will inevitably push the moral boundaries of a dating relationship. If a lady is to be only to be selected for her beauty, then she will face undue pressure to attract her potential admirer through his eyes. This pressure will cause her to push the moral boundaries of what is appropriate in her dress to hopefully impress her potential date. If a young man is to be selected only for his charm, then he will face undue pressure to always have something new to say or do with which to charm the lady. This pressure will cause him to push the moral boundaries of what is appropriate in his effort to hopefully impress his potential date. However, much of these undue pressures can be subdued when the potential of whether someone is dateable does not solely rest upon how they look or what they say.

It is most important that the single person seeking to date look much deeper than the surface traits to determine whether someone is dateable. A pretty face can be put on to cover one’s blemishes, and a charming personality can be a front to distract from one’s flaws. However, the depth of someone’s status of being potentially dateable can be found in both their heart and spirit.

If you then wish to be considered dateable by someone with a high caliber of heart and spirit, you must also be preparing your own heart and spirit to be dateable as well. There is an old English proverb that states, “Birds of a feather will flock altogether”. I believe this to be true. You will ultimately attract what you are. If you are a rebel in your heart, you will attract someone who is also a rebel in their heart. If you are someone with a sour spirit, you will attract someone with a sour spirit. Therefore, if you wish to attract a high caliber date then you must prepare yourself to be a high caliber date as well. If you will ready yourself to date on this level, there are three preparations that must be made. Prepare yourself characterwise, financially, and spiritually if you will be datable to the right kind of person.

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