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Newsletter for August 29th


We had another wonderful Sunday. We saw 7 precious souls saved this week and a Sunday attendance of 168 with 6 adult visitors. On Thursday Night I went Soul Winning with Bro Andrew and my son. We had a chance to meet a young man named Junior, who trusted Christ as his Saviour. On Saturday, Mrs. Miller went back to Junior's house and was able to lead his mother to Christ. Praise the Lord!!!



With the start of the pandemic in 2020 Pastor Painter started a daily video podcast on Youtube called "Coffee with Pastor" this broadcast continued in various schedules until the summer of 2022. During the course of those two and a half seasons there were 235 episodes posted to Youtube. You can watch those by clicking here. While there is no longer a weekly video podcast, the concept of "Coffee with Pastor" will live on in written form in this weekly newsletter. Our hope is that the weekly topics will be a blessing to the people of the Lincoln Baptist Church.


God instituted the local church to fulfill a purpose in His will. The church is not merely a place to come for fellowship, it is so much more. What is the purpose of the church?


Jesus Christ purchased the church with his blood according to Acts 20:28. The Bible also teaches us that Christ is to have the preeminence in the church. (Colossians 1:18) Everything that the church does should be in line with glorifying the Saviour. We must be sure that our services glorify the Saviour. We must be sure that our music glorifies the Saviour. We must be sure that our actions as a church glorify the Saviour. Christ our Saviour is worthy of our glorification!


Matthew 28:19-20 makes it very clear that it is the job of the church to fulfill the great commission. The commission starts with the propagation of the Gospel. The church must remain focused on taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world. There are so many people who have never heard the true message of Salvation. It is the responsibility of the church to take the Gospel to them. It is important for the church to give monies that help missionaries go overseas to preach the Gospel, but that is not enough. We ourselves must be going with the Gospel in a personal soul winning effort.


The church is responsible for teaching people how to grow in their Christian life. According to John 3 a person who trusts Christ is born again and begin as “newborn babes” who are in need of being fed the sincere milk of the Word. (I Peter 2:2) The teaching and preaching at the house of God is done to this end, that the people of God may be able to grow in Christ.


It is mentioned multiple times in the book of John that we are to love one another. The church should promote such behavior among believers. The word gracious means favorable, kind, friendly, benevolent, merciful, and forgiving. All of these describe how we should act toward our fellow believers in Christ. In John 13:34 Jesus states that we are to “love one another, as I have loved you”. We ought to be gracious towards our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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