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Pastor's Letter 4.25.23

Check out Pastor's letter of encouragement to the Lincoln Baptist Church.

Dear Church,

We have begun another week in the service of the King. I hope that you are finding His strength and provision abounding in your world. We must acknowledge what a wonderful God we do serve. His name is above all other names and His kingdom will stand forever. It is truly an honor to serve God.

We must ask ourselves this question, What are we doing to serve God? Many Christians seem to feel that their mere existence, the acceptance of His salvation, and the occasional verbal praise suffice enough for their service to the King. Yet, I believe our King deserves more. I believe He has earned our service for He has indeed purchased us with his blood. We, therefore, belong to Him. We are in His debt for our salvation, and the best way to show Christ my gratitude is to engage in service for Him. Doing so requires more than lip service, but the action of our hands and feet and obedience from the heart.

Dear Christian, I challenge you to take note these next seven days of what service you are doing for God. Is it enough? Is He pleased with your service? Only you, in conversation with your God, will be able to answer that question.

One way in which we serve God is to be a part of the ministries at church. Serving at God's house is service to the Lord. However, there are many ways in which we can serve God besides being assigned to a ministry. We can give aid to the needy through benevolence. We can pray for those who are sick and hurting, we can look for opportunities to be a blessing to someone else around us either in helping with labor or monetarily. What is it that you can do to serve God?

Sadly many Christians become focused on themselves and their needs and give little thought to others or their own service to God. Let us beware not to get trapped in the bubble of our own world that causes us not to see the needs around us, and the opportunities God places around us. Let's do something to serve the Lord!


This past Saturday evening several of our men got together and went to Nebraska Outdoor Education Center and went shooting on the gun range. Bro Tim opted for the archery range and as you can see from his target he did very well!


I would like to share a blessing of something that God did for my family this week. We of course travelled to Texas to visit my sisters in college. On Thursday as we were preparing to check out at the hotel an older gentleman came up to my wife in the lobby and handed her a $100 bill. The Lord had laid it on his heart to be a blessing to our family that morning. Little did he know that this gift was an answer to a specific prayer request for which my wife and I have been praying all month. There have been several times over these past several weeks that God has reminded me of His power and has shown me that He is truly our great Provider. I share this in hopes of encouraging you dear Christian, the same God that meets my needs and provides in such awesome ways is the same God that is ready to hear your prayers and requests, and He wants to do something special for you too! Praise the Lord!

I want you to know that I am praying for each of you. I ask that the Lord would keep you and sustain you. This wicked world we live in wants to get to you and your family. The master of this world, the Devil himself, wants to prey on you and sift you as wheat. However, as the example set by our Lord, I am praying for you that you would see God's hand of protection, provision, and power in your life this week. May the Lord bless and I will see you at church Wednesday evening.

Pastor Jonathan Painter

Lincoln Baptist Church

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