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Pastor's Letter 5.16.23

Check out Pastor's letter of encouragement to the Lincoln Baptist Church.

Dear Church,

Good afternoon, we have closed the book on the second week of our Spring Campaign and have set our sights on week number three. It was wonderful to have so many mothers with us in the service this past Sunday morning. We had twenty-seven mothers whom we honored on Mother's Day.

Last night Mrs. Faith and I enjoyed visiting the kindergarten graduation of Miss Kelce Buck and Mr. Ezekiel Murphy. It was a joy to watch them demonstrate the different things they have learned this year in school as well as watch both of them win awards for traits they demonstrated throughout the school year. My hope and prayer is that God will help these young people who are still young in their education to grow to love and serve their Lord.

As we continue into another week I want to encourage our members to be strong in the Lord. The Devil hates us and hates everything that we try to do in our service to God. If you are saved the old Devil cannot take your soul, but he will try to steal your testimony, thus damaging your effectiveness for God. Be watchful, be in the Word, and be in prayer. There is no power under Heaven greater than the Spirit of God that lives inside of you. Please, increase your relationship with Him and you will find His strength, His guidance, and His protection. Be strong in the Lord! I will be in prayer for each of you this week. I trust the Lord will keep you by His great hand. God bless and have a great week!

Pastor Jonathan Painter

Lincoln Baptist Church

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