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Weekly Newsletter 10.11.22

It is with great joy that I send this newsletter this week. We have as a church seen the moving of God's mighty hand in our ministries this week. We have seen the Lord do some extraordinary things this past year, but I believe that we are beginning to see that the best is yet to come.

This past Thursday night I was soul-winning with Bro Say Ler when we met a Karen lady who was Buddhist. As Bro Say Ler witnessed to her in the Karen language he asked her if she had heard the story of Jesus before. To this, she responded that she had. However, she had a question, When Jesus died on the cross he said, "It is finished" What did Jesus mean when he said it is finished? Bro Say Ler could share with her the meaning of the words, "It is finished" and lead her to the Saviour who had uttered those words. The Holy Spirit had laid the groundwork in preparing her to hear the Gospel and receive it.

This past Sunday we saw three precious souls saved in the services between Sunday School and church. One of these was Ajha who also made the decision to follow the Lord in baptism at the end of the service, praise the Lord for that as well! Attendance was low, though still very good with a total of 151 in attendance Sunday Morning. We took our special offering and raised just a little over $7,000 toward the expenses of purchasing our new building. Praise the Lord for His provision!




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