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Weekly Newsletter (July 25th)

We had a wonderful week of VBS this past week. We had over seventy children in attendance each night. Most of the children who came already attended our Sunday Schools but we did have a few visitors and we saw four precious souls trust Christ as their Saviour! I want to say thank you so much to all of those who came to help, especially those who were there every night. There is no way we could have done this VBS without your help!

We finished up the weekend with a great Sunday. We had a total attendance of 166 on Sunday morning and for the whole week, we saw 8 souls trust Christ as their Saviour!

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)

I believe this verse well describes the state that our society is living in today. We are living in a time when good is called evil and evil is called good. There is a mold that is starting to form in this new society and it is one that is rapidly turning away from God. The term "woke" is used to describe this new society. However, those who are woke are anything but awake. To be classified as woke there are certain things that one must believe.

To be "woke" you must believe that it is wrong to condemn a murderer to death either by judge or jury, but it is right to allow a mother to be a jury of one and condemn her innocent baby to death by abortion.

To be "woke" you must believe that there are more than two genders in this world and that each individual has the right to overrule God and choose their own gender. In fact, you must believe that this said gender is prone to change at the whim of the individual. You must literally believe the impossible. You must believe that a man can have a baby. If you do not believe this then you are socially "asleep" and not a candidate to be "woke".

To be "woke" you must believe that the United States is evil and has done nothing but bring oppression to every other race and culture. You must believe that if you are white you owe everything you have to someone else because you couldn't have possibly earned it without degrading other races. To be "woke" you must believe that the world will come to an abrupt end due to climate change if we do not stop using fossil fuels immediately. You must hate all gasoline-powered engines.

To be "woke" you must hate all capitalism. You must despise having to pay for things like college, healthcare, or even food. You must believe that these are owed to you because you have graced this earth with your presence.

To be "woke" you must wave a banner of tolerance for all while becoming very intolerant of those who oppose your viewpoints.

In short, to qualify as "woke", you must be a morally bankrupt, narcissistic, anti-American, God-denying, sin-loving socialist with racial prejudices. If this describes you, congratulations you have arrived to claim your "woke" status. You are now ready to fit in amongst a "new" society.

This world is literally going bananas! This is just scratching the surface of the madness of this current society. Sadly there are wicked people who have more passion to push this agenda than the people of God have to push His agenda which is the truth! Let us be about our Father's business for this is how we can save a nation!




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