Pastor - Jonathan Painter

About Pastor Jonathan Painter

Pastor Jonathan Painter graduated from Texas Baptist College in 2013 with his Bachelor's Degree and completed his Master's Degree in Theology from the same institution in 2014. After the completion of his Bachelor's degree, he joined the staff of the Lincoln Baptist Church as an assistant pastor, a role that he filled for 5 years.

About Lincoln Baptist Church

The church was founded by Pastor Todd Painter (Preacher) who served as its Pastor for over 15 years. In 2017, he announced his resignation from the pastorate of the Lincoln Baptist Church in order to be sent from this church to the mission field of Thailand. The church then voted to install his son, Jonathan Painter, as the pastor of the Lincoln Baptist Church, a position he has filled since January of 2018.

Pastor maintains a blog called Pastor's Letter which can be read here:

Pastor's Letter
Assistant Pastor - Joshua Looper

Joshua Looper and his family joined Lincoln Baptist Church in the spring of 2013. He joined the staff of the Lincoln Baptist Church as an Assistant Pastor in 2017. He currently directs the youth department and works both with the Music and Nursing Home ministries. He and his wife, Amy, have five wonderful children.